HUD has reduced the maximum loan-to-value on cash-out refinance loans to 80%.  Previously, a homeowner could borrow up to 85% of the loan to value which would mean that they would be able to take more cash out of the equity in their home. Previous 85% Loan-to-Value Limit New 80% Loan-to-Value Limit Property Value Example $275,000 […]
Rent Vs. Own [INFOGRAPHIC]! By The KCM Crew Some Highlights: Owning your own home vs. renting may lead to some great options, such as locking in your monthly payments and having the freedom to customize your living space. Whether you rent or own, you have to cover someone’s mortgage costs. You may as well be […]
American Confidence in Housing at an All-Time High! By The KCM Crew Fannie Mae just released the July edition of their Home Purchase Sentiment Index(HPSI). The HPSI takes information regarding consumers’ confidence in the real estate market from Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey and condenses it into a single number. Therefore, the HPSI reflects consumers’ current views and forward-looking expectations […]