Tough Decision for Homeower’s- Off The Market, For Sale By Owner or List?

Each year, thousands of homeowners have a tough decision to make. Their current listing agreement is about to expire and now they must make a decision to either take their home off the market (OTM), For Sale by Owner (FSBO) or relist it with the same agent or a different agent. Let’s take a closer look at each possibility:

1) Taking Your Home off the Market

After putting your house on the market and it not selling would upset most people. The thought that no one currently in the market thought your house was worth the asking price may cross your mind.

You may start to contemplate if selling was actually important to you and say,

“Well, I didn’t acually want to sell the house. Trying to move doesn’t make sense right now.”

You don’t need to talk yourself out of your dreams. Instead, you should consider the reason you decided to sell your house in the first place. You should ask your family this simple question:

“Why did we originally want to sell our home?”

If that reason made sense just a few months ago when you listed the house, it should still makes sense now. You shouldn’t give up on what you and your family hoped to accomplish and you shouldn’t give up on goals you set.

Don’t think because the house didn’t sell during the last listing period that it will never sell or that it shouldn’t be sold.

2) Re-Listing with your Existing Agent

There are many different reasons that are possible in contributing to your house not selling. Maybe you have come to the realization that it isn’t easy to sell a house or that the listing price wasn’t as low as it should have been, or possibly that you didn’t listen to your agents advice. If that’s true, you should consider giving your current agent a second chance. In that instance, that’s an okay thing to do.

However, if your current agent didn’t provide the standard they agreed to keep when you listed your home with them you may want to list with a different agent.

3) For Sale by Owner

You may think that listing with an agent is useless since the agent you originally listed with didn’t get the job done. Trying to sell your home on your own may currently seem appealing. It may seem that you can benefit yourself saving on the commission. But, is that true? Will you be able to negotiate every part of a real estate transaction? Can you put together a successful marketing plan? Do people who FSBO actually save money?

If you are thinking about FSBOing, take the time to first read: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t For Sale by Owner.

4) List with a New Agent

After not keeping to the set standards, you may no longer trust your agent. Be sure not to put all realtors in the group. Have you ever gotten a bad haircut before? Of course! Did that stop you from getting your hair cut or did you simply change hair stylists?

There is good and bad in every profession—good and bad hair stylists, realtors, teachers, lawyers, doctors, police officers, etc. Just because there’s good and bad in every line of work doesn’t mean you don’t call on others for their services and/or products you need. You still get your hair cut, see a doctor, talk to a lawyer, send your kids to school, etc.

You initially believed that using an agent made sense. It probably still does. Contact a local real estate professional and discuss the possibilities.


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